AED's PRP 1700 series of plastic conveyor rollers are constructed from FDA approved for food use, high impact plastic fitted with precision bearings and ideal for gravity & under-belt applications.

  • Rollers suitable for wash down but not direct pressure wash
  • Rigid PVC Tube (blue/grey opt.) with mild steel/ stainless axle option
  • Hardened precision 2rs bearings with steel/ stainless option
  • Polymer housing offering, protective bearing seal & very low noise operation
  • belt return, belt support
  • Gravity for medium loads - not be recommended for individual goods less than 3kgs in weight.

KTR rollers are low noise, with a sound level of only 30-35Dba. These rollers are perfect for use in areas where noise is a concern.


Load Rating

Operating Temperature

Material Options

End Bearings


KTR 1700

Medium to Heavy

0 to 50°C

Mild Steel, Stainless & PVC

Markes Plastic housed  KTR.40 Greased Precision Sealed

Belt conveyors, High speed Conveyors, general goods handling, farming equipment, airports.

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