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TR54 taper rollers for bends and curves

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TR54 Plastic Taper sleeved rollers are for bends and curves. These rollers are used to convey flat products around bends and usually are used with 50mm /2"diameter parallel rollers.

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TR54 rollers are designed for (850mm to 900mm Inside Radius) gravity bends. Light & medium duty available and all with durable black taper sleeves fitted over:-

  • Plastic base roll
  • BZP Steel base roll
  • Stainless Steel roll
  • Rollers can be ordered in any length from 200mm upto 1050mm OB (over bearing bosses).
  • Rollers come with axles spring loaded (AX1) or M8 Female Thread

See TR54G / SSTR54G for rollers (with grooves) for lineshaft our 24volt powered rollers bend