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ABM Series - food & chemical

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ABM rollers have excellent chemical / water resistance and durability. 

The ABM ECAP can operate continuously up to +80 degrees C and can perform without degradation at extremely low temperatures (-75 C) 


  • fruit, vegetable grader, inspection tables 
  • wet under-belt environments 
  • chemical / battery process
  • cold store  - 75C
Rollers are made to order. Simply choose which suits you best and advise length & axle fixing using the download brochure 

What chemicals affect ABM ECaps? 

ABM Ecap does not absorb water and is chemically inert. Water solutions are generally safe except highly oxidizing chemicals such as bleach. Alcohols, ketones and acids also have little effect. Avoid; Hydrocarbons such as gasoline, kerosene, oil and grease which cause swelling. 


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agricultural, Breweries, food process, agricultural hollow pin chain, chemical processes  

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