With AED Rollers, its all in the name.  We have been designing and manufacturing conveyor rollers since 1996, when we were known as Adept Engineering & Design. Over this time, we have continued to grow to become the business we are today.  AED Conveyor rollers have established itself and holds a prominent position within the UK Roller / UK Conveyor Roller market and are increasingly expanding into international territories.

We believe that our investment in the most advanced technology alongside our investment in people, in-house manufacturing, is the winning combination that means we can produce the best products at competitive prices.

To achieve Lean manufacturing, we utilise the most advanced CAD software (Solidworks), XYZ 5axis, Haas CNC machinery and a Profit Inventory Control system, to guarantee that rollers /conveyors manufactured at our site are of the highest quality, followed up by the best possible customer service.

So why chose AED Rollers?

AED Rollers, we are committed to reducing lead times and increasing quality. That's why all our products are made to measure with quick lead times, ensuring that you get the perfect fit for your conveyor system. Trust AED Rollers for all your roller needs.

Quality Materials At AED Rollers, our main strength is the quality or our materials. We demand only the highest quality goes into the manufacturing of all of our rollers. Whether you require a steel roller, a polyurethane roller or a rubber conveyor roller, you can rest assured that only the best materials went into its creation, insuring years or smooth conveyancing.

Experienced Personnel At AED Rollers, our work is our obsession. As a result, everyone has considerable product knowledge and fabrication expertise. What we dont know about conveyor rollers isnt worth knowing, so you can be sure receive unsurpassed product knowledge, and to get the best advice, no matter what your industry is or what your requirements may be. At Conveyor Rollers, we see ourselves as an extension of your business, and our friendly team is always there to help.

AED offer Best Prices  and quickest lead-times, despite our obsession with the quality of our conveyor rollers, we ensure that this never compromises our products. With our skilled personnel ensuring quick identification of your needs, coupled with long standing relationships with suppliers and use of advanced technology, we can ensure the best prices without compromising on quality or turnaround times.

Fast Turn Around At AED Rollers UK, we know that every minute a piece of equipment is down, is money your business is losing. We work hard to foster close relationships with our customers, and anything that effects your business is of the highest importance to us. Its this drive and customer focus, that has led us to create our streamlined manufacturing process, insuring that your products are despatched as fast is as can be done, meaning you and your equipment is down for the shortest time possible, so whether is an emergency, or youre just looking for spares, the team at conveyor rollers understands your needs, and can get what you need, faster than the rest.

But the most important reason to get in touch with AED Rollers is our dedication to customers. Keeping to in-house manufacturing we will be with you from start to finish, ensuring that your purchase runs as smoothly as our rollers.

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