Poly V rollers, also known as ribbed belt rollers, are designed for use with polyurethane V-belts to provide a reliable and accurate grip, making them ideal for use in heavy-duty conveyor systems. They can be made from steel, plastic, or stainless steel, and are available with either sealed or open bearings.

Standard Poly V belts, flexible PJ type: ISO9981;DIN 7867; pitch 2.24mm
Poly V belts with maximum of 4 ribs giving more than double the torque transmission achieved with standard round belts

Commonly used in applications such as package and parcel handling, automotive and manufacturing industries, as well as in logistics and distribution centres, our wide range of Poly V rollers includes options for different load capacities, roller lengths, and sprocket sizes.

PolyV belts are a great choice for motorized rollers, specifically for use with the EC200 and EC310 models. These flexible PJ type belts conform to ISO9981 and DIN 7867 standards with a pitch of 2.24mm and are designed to transmit more torque than standard round belts.

By using PolyV belts, you can achieve more than double the torque transmission achieved by standard round belts, making them a reliable and efficient power transmission solution for your motorized rollers. So, whether you have a light-duty or heavy-duty application, consider using PolyV belts for your conveyor system. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us help you choose the right Poly V rollers and belts for your application.


Load Rating

Operating Temperature

Material Options



Medium to High

0 to 60°C

Mild Steel, PVC & Stainless

Zoned Conveyors

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