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Plastic Machined Drums & Idlers

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  • DESIGN:- 

    • PolyProp or Polyethelyne Machined roller shell
    • Smooth machined surfaces provide maximum belt protection.
    • Roller Body are accurately machined to ensure concentricity.
    • Rollers are available with a parallel / crowned* / tracking groove
    • Drums are fitted with fixed axle and are to suit external bearings
    • Pulleys are fitted with internal bearings and have optional Viton seals for high water areas
    • axles can be stainless grade 303, 316 or mild steel (080M40 / 230M07
    • Axles can be machined to suit most application
    • Low temperature / chemical use; specify Polyethylene (ABM or PE1000) plastic.
    • Average ambient temperature; Specify Polypropylene - we think Beige looks great!