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GT-50 NR2000 104-3M

Weight: 30kg



1000KG Live storage gravity conveyor track / Pallet steel gravity track fitted with RG50 steel rollers x3M -

Increase your production with easy, bolt down high capacity conveyor.

Form multiple lanes to manually transport your goods with ease.

U-Section frames are low profile, robust durable galvanised 3mm thick and fitted with AED's own RG series rollers set at 104mm pitch/intervals.

Rollers are bolted in position to make for secure fixing but can also be easily removed to allow additional rollers/brake rollers to be fitted.

  • 1000 kg pay load per linear meter
  • Central ^fixing holes, running along length (underneath) at 26mm intervals
  • Low profile frames (130x85m) shipped in modular 3M lengths (CAN SHORTEN IF REQUIRED)
  • zinc plated free rolling steel rollers allowing you move your product with minimal effort
  • Rollers can be easily removed/re-positioned for additional rollers* or fitting items

 such as brake rollers

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