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GTLD13-20 light duty conveyor 200mm wide

Weight: 13kg



GTLD13-20 conveyors/ roller track provide a reliable low cost solution to manual handling.  

Galvanised Steel frames with PVC rollers (optional to have steel rollers with Zinc finish for extra £10 per conveyor)

  • Conveyor 200mm wide x1496mm long. 
  • Rollers Grey 20dia pvc set 22mm pitch (Option to have Blue at no extra cost)
  • Suitable for products as small as 66mm 
  • Goods 0.50 kgs upto 13kgs* UDL (13kg items must be wider than 150mm)
  • Low maintenance for trouble free service

Customise track: Width & modify length to suit application – price on request


(Inside Frame)


Frame Length



Conveyor Type : light duty

ITEMS 0.50 upto 13kgs*


Height adjustable stands available




200MM x1496MM