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SportsField / Golf Greens & Hedge rollers

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AED make replacement rollers for a range of ground care equipment

Features are:  

British Made ¦ Heavy duty ¦All weather axle & bearings ¦ Bearings are sealed for life. 

*MC=Machined Ends ¦ PE= Pressed Ends ¦ SE= Swaged Ends * 

 Disclaimer: These products are manufactured by AED Rollers Ltd (AED) as a replacement part. We are not associated with the Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM). AED manufactures items from customer requirements or taken from a sample supplied by customer. 

ARB24-63L-M10 Atco Royale B24 Long *PE*

8558ABI-510 ¦ John Deere Terrain *MC*

GP406.037 ¦ Jacobsen AR5 Rear Rotary *PE*

ATCO30-63MC ¦ Atco Royale 30 *MC*

99-5749 ¦         Toro 6500D *PE*

JLF4675-50 ¦ Jacobsen LF4675 *SE*

AR250LW ¦ Jacobsen AR250 *MC*

JLF3800-63 ¦ Jacobsen LF300 *PE*

ARB30-63 ¦ Atco Royale B30 *PE*

TGM3250 ¦ Toro 3250 *MC*

8558ABI-AR522 ¦ Jacobsen AR522 *PE*

GP406.039 ¦ Ransomes / Magna 250 *PE*

JGP400-590 ¦ Jacobsen GP400 Riding *MC*

T2000D-63-MC ¦ Toro 2300 D *MC*

SB184 ¦ Saxon Baroness 184 *SE*

SW3100D ¦ Toro Reel Master 3100D Side Winder *MC*

JD2653A-76 ¦ John Deere 2653A *MC*

RC60-510 ¦ Ransomes Certes *SE*

JD-3245C-500 ¦ John Deere 3245C *PE*

8558ABI-AR3 ¦ Jacobsen AR3 *MC*

GTTS-60 ¦ Green Tek Turf *PE*

8558ABI-AR522B ¦ Jacobsen AR522 *PE*

T6500-ABI-76580¦ Toro 6500 D *MC*

GK4-50-23-38UNF ¦ Jacobsen Greens King IV *SE*

TT63-574 ¦ Tru Turf *PE*

RM20-63 ¦ Ransomes Marquis *PE*

TI-60 ¦ Greens Turf Iron *PE*

ARB24-63L ¦ Atco Royale B24 *PE*

ABU24-63 ¦ Allett Buffalo *PE*

RTM50 ¦ Ransomes Triple *SE*

GK4-50-23 ¦ Jacobsen Greens Kings *SE*