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Fixed Drive Belt/chain Rollers

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CDR Series & PolyV Series rollers are for chain driven conveyor & Ripped V belt (PJ profile).

AED rollers design, manufacture and assemble rollers so that we can offer the right roller for the right price for your new or existing conveyor.

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V-Belt rollers below - PJ profile (twin 12mm wide)

50dia POLYV50AX88  60dia POLYV60AX88  


CDR Series of sprocket rollers are for chain driven conveyor such as palletised distribution.

08b chain sprocket rollers below

-14Tooth x1/2"p double simple sprocket rollers

-14Tooth x1/2"p double simple Friction Accumulation/Fixed with Polymer sprockets

-14Tooth x1/2"p Single Friction Accumulation/Fixed

10b chain sprocket rollers below

-14Tooth x5/8"p double simple 89dia pallet roller (cdc232)

-15Tooth x5/8"p double simple sprocket rollers

-18Tooth x5/8"p double simple sprocket rollers (80dia & 89dia only)

12b chain sprockets below

-13Tooth x3/4"p double simple sprocket rollers

We manufacture our own sprockets so we can also offer specials made to suit your existing profiles in; Simplex, Double simplex, Duplex and even Triplex profiles