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Belt Conveyor Steel Roller Drums / Pulleys

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Roller Diameter

Select a diameter from the list below, then choose an Axle diameter:


Conveyor Drums (pulleys) include a cylindrical shell (crowned or parallel), end discs supported within the shell and a fixed shaft - plain or with keyway.

Machined Rollers include a cylindrical shell (crowned or parallel), end discs with integral bearings supported within the shell & a captivated shaft.

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Drums/Rollers are machined from Mild Steel, Stainless & Mild steel Mix or in plastic; Polypropylene or Ultra High Molecular weight Density (UHMW)


  • Smooth machined surfaces provide maximum belt protection.
  • Hubs and end disc are accurately machined to ensure concentricity.
  • Drums /Machined rollers are available with a parallel or crowned* 
  • Steel Drums are now fitted with KEYLESS CLAMP, for cost effective maintenance with superior performance.

Lagging (rubber/polyurethane covering) can be provided to increase traction between belt and pulley.

*crowned for belt tracking

Machine Turned   Keyless Clamping Element Machine Turned

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