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14T x1/2 double simple sprocket rollers

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14T 1/2”p Friction Accumulation/Fixed Driver with Polymer or steel sprockets

14T-CDR Series rollers are for 08b chain driven conveyor and are fitted with double simple 14t polymer or steel sprocket

Sprocket rollers are for chain driven conveyor such as:

·         Boxes /Cartons/ Parcels

·         Tyres

·         Barrels /Kegs

·         Light pallet distribution

·         Wood/ Logs


Products with Acpol, denotes a polymer sprocket which can be friction or fixed drive. Otherwise, rollers are fitted with steel sprockets with fixed drive.

Remember We manufacture our own sprockets so we can also offer specials made to suit your existing profiles in; Simplex, Double simplex, Duplex and even Triplex profiles . Go to dowlolads for additional information / enquiry forms