BZP steel conveyor height adjustable support/Stand for HD5 conveyor only


  • For Conveyor 3m conveyor, 3 stands required /3m length. 
  • USE ON HD5 TRACK ONLY - Stand to stand Cross Brace will be required for stands above 650mm TOR
  • Robust folded C-section with BZP finish
  • Height ranges from 650mm 1300mm - state floor to roller height on order
  • Adaptable: Stands can be bolted to floor & raised +250mm for precise height
  • Mounting bracket (smiley) allows for camber or horizontal installation.
  • Stands are fixed height. AED will cut to suit TOR. Min. 650 TOR - Max. 1300 TOR
  • Additional stand to stand cross brace available.

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