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HD5 Mid Range Conveyor. Goods 100kgs upto 500kgs. Working temp -10C +120C

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Operating temperature -10°C to +120°C 

USE: General Purpose. Medium Weight Goods: 100KGS upto 500KGS* 

HD5 are non-powered conveyor modules stocked in 2M, 2.4M & 3M long conveyor modules.

Conveyor can be set:

·         Horizontal for manually moved items

·         Incline (slop) for gravity moved items. Brake rollers* maybe required control speed


Conveyor Type HD5R60MD-75 ¦ Rollers Ø60x2 tube / Pitch 75mm

460BB x 2025mm Long

460BB x 2400mm Long

460BB x 3000mm Long

660BB x 2025mm Long

660BB x 2400mm Long

660BB x 3000mm Long

860BB x 2025mm long

860BB x 2400mm long

860BB x 3000mm long

1260BB x 2025mm long

1260BB x 2400mm long

1260BB x 3000mm long

*Maximum goods weight will depend on roller pitch & conveyor width selected. For capacity & conveyor suitability, please ask!