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GTL Mid Range Conveyor - 20kg - 50kg boxes

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AED Gravity Express conveyor track: Ideal for parcel load / unloading & warehouse distribution available in stock widths

Available Length 1.6m & 2m long. Available widths; 330, 430, 530, 630, 730, 860mm

Helpful hints choosing the right conveyor:
  1.       What Length or multiples of conveyor required 1.6 or 2m? 
  2.       Do I want plastic or Steel rollers? Plastic for light goods <20kgs & steel for goods upto 50kgs
  3.       What width do I need? Consider largest width of goods & select closest. If rollers are below frames allow at leat 50mm clearance between goods & BB to insure product rolls freely.
  4.       Do I need special roller pitch? You will need at least 3 rollers underneath smallest length product
  5.       How do I link conveyors together to make for a longer run? You will have to use our ADJ2 or ADJ3 stand to link. If you do not purchase stands, you will have to make your own arrangements

  1. Rollers above frames to allow for wider product:-

Rollers bellow frames for product guidance:-


Roller end stop ¦ ADJ2 stands ¦ ADJ3 stands ¦ ADJ3 stands with castors

Conveyor tracks manufactured using 3mm thick steel and supplied complete with zinc plated steel RG-50 ROLLERS or high impact PVC PRG-50rollers.

Low maintenance for trouble free service.

Track sides are pre-punched every 37.5mm to accept alternative roller position

Descriptions: gravity roller conveyor, industrial roller conveyor, light duty conveyor, warehouse conveyor, roller conveyor table